The Faculty of Continuing Professional Education and Development (CPED) organizes Seminars, Workshops and Conferences (In-Plant and Public) in the broad field of Business Administration, Knowledge Management and related disciplines, courses and subjects.

The CPED is designed for the continuous learning, relearning and unlearning of skills, knowledge and experience that will assist IBAKM certificate holders to have competitive advantage and remain sought after at all times giving the demand of the continuous advancement in knowledge, business strategy and technology.  The CPED also track and document the skill, knowledge and experience IBAKM certificate holders gained or applied at work or in client-based professional practice.

The CPED is a mandatory requirement for certification migration, membership upgrade, continuous membership, certificate retainership and professional public practice licencing.  The CPED is conducted based on approved Credit Points (CP) through Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Symposia, Talk, Peer Reviews, Research, Client-Based Consulting Services and Personal Development.