Core Values & Passion


Principle: Intelligently discharging our responsibilities with adequate knowledge and skill.
Commitment: We are dedicated to consistently applying our expertise and skills intelligently to fulfill our responsibilities effectively.

Principle: Thinking out of the box by employing the art and craft of creativity.
Commitment: We foster a culture of creativity, encouraging innovative thinking beyond conventional boundaries.

Principle: Imbibing the culture of best practices and ethical standards in the discharge of our responsibilities.
Commitment: We uphold the highest standards of professionalism, adhering to best practices and ethical conduct in all our endeavors.

Principle: Being outstanding and the best in all we do as an Institute and members.
Commitment: We strive for excellence, aspiring to be outstanding in every aspect of our work, both as an Institute and as individual members.


Objective: Teaching sound professional and practical business practices and management using relevant tools and applications.
Commitment: We are passionate about imparting knowledge and skills in sound business practices, providing practical insights and utilizing relevant tools to enhance management capabilities.

Objective: Continuous research on how to manage ideas, inventions, and creativity to achieve competitiveness and create value.
Commitment: Our passion lies in ongoing research to effectively manage ideas, inventions, and creativity, fostering competitiveness and creating substantial value.

Objective: Developing a system that will enable people to share, access, and update ideas, concepts, knowledge, and information.
Commitment: We are dedicated to establishing a robust knowledge management system, facilitating seamless sharing, access, and updates of ideas, concepts, knowledge, and information among individuals.

Objective: Establish a secure and efficient information and data management framework, promoting data-driven decision-making and organizational effectiveness.
Commitment: Dedicated to implementing cutting-edge practices, ensuring information confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Committed to compliance, continuous improvement, and empowering organizations to maximize data for informed decision-making and growth.