Global Executive Vice President & Chief Executive Officer


HDip(CS), BSc(BA), BSc(Acct), PGD(CS), PGD(BM), PGCert(IKM), MCert(IEM), MCert(PM), MBA(Mgt), MBA(Gen), MSc(Fin), MSc(Mgt), PhD(Mgt)

Distinguished Professionals and Aspiring Professionals

On behalf of the Board of Governors, International Advisory Council, Management Committee, Academic and Professional Development Board, Staff and Distinguished Members of the IBAKM® Global Group, I welcome you all to the global community of Business Administration and Knowledge Management professionals and practitioners with a growing network of members across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

The IBAKM® Global Group comprising of the Institute of Business Administration and Knowledge Management (IBAKM® Global), Chartered Institute of Business Administration and Knowledge Management (CIBAKM®) and the Association of Business Administration and Knowledge Management Professionals (ABAKMP®) champions, promotes and advances the Chartered Certified Business Administrator (CBA®) and Chartered Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM®) professional certifications as well as the Chartered Certified Business Administration Practitioner (CBAP®) and the Chartered Certified Knowledge Management Practitioner (CKMP®) professional public practice licences in Nigeria and globally. In addition, IBAKM® Global Group also promotes other specialized certifications including the Certified Global Manager (CGMgr.®), Certified Global Management Consultant (CGMC®), Certified Information Systems Manager and Auditor (CISMA®), Certified Strategic Auditor (CSA®) and the Certified Engineering Manager (CEMgr.®) as well as Technician Certifications, Combined Honours Qualifications and Professional Diploma Certifications.

As a global professional certification body, we aver that our certifications are top-notch, world-class, innovative and industry-based with focus on international standards and best practices. Our curricula are a blend of theory and practice giving our certified professionals and practitioners competitive advantage in professional practice, career development and advancement. With the array of seasoned practicing professionals and scholars on our team as well as our quality assurance standards and quality management system, we make proud to say we are amongst the best professional certification body globally.

The IBAKM® Global Group certifications are open to (a) all persons and organizations involved in the activity of or uses the knowledge and practice of Business Administration and Knowledge Management in the advancement of their individual and corporate objectives; (b) candidates in diverse disciplines desirous of advancing their career as professional business administrators and knowledge managers, practitioners and consultants; (c) qualified professionals and graduates in related and diverse fields, managers and executives in public and private institutions, political appointees and elected office holders, academicians and researchers, technology and innovation managers, records and information managers, administrators and human capital managers, entrepreneurs and business owners, etc. who desire to network, share knowledge and ideas as well as hone their business administration and knowledge management skills; (d) individuals in Business Administration and Knowledge Management roles desirous of globally recognized professional membership and certifications for competence and career advancement; and (e) graduates and undergraduates of Business Administration and Knowledge Management disciplines and related fields who aspire to attain a professional level recognition as Chartered Certified Business Administrators (CBA®) and Chartered Certified Knowledge Managers (CKM®) to enable them to compete favorably with their counterparts in other globally recognized professional disciplines.

Please note that the IBAKM® Global Group is a unique and an innovative global professional certification body statutorily empowered to promote, advance and champion the art and science of Business Administration and Knowledge Management in all its aspects and ramifications and to conduct training, with a view to developing human capital in the area and field of Business Administration and Knowledge Management and related subjects, courses and disciplines and to issue certificates of proficiency. IBAKM® Global Group is indeed the premier resource for promoting high quality professional practice in the Business Administration and Knowledge Management profession in Nigeria and globally. We maintain a leadership position as well as guarantee competence, innovation, professionalism and excellence by our membership and certification holders.

With IBAKM® Global, you can always Achieve More.

Yours Sincerely

Amb. Dr. Monday Anyairo, FIBAKM, FCBA, FCKM, CBAP®, CKMP®, DPP
Global Executive Vice President & Chief Executive Officer